10 great reasons why a height adjustable office desk is a productive choice

Why can't we just sit at work?

By nature, the human body functions most optimally when it is moving; but we all know that practice is different. Even if we work in an office and mostly sit, this too often leads to stiffness or wear of the joints. We know that well-fitting, ergonomic office chairs are essential in everyday office life. But we forget that during working hours it is also necessary to exercise a little or at least get up occasionally. Therefore, frequent changes in position are recommended, which benefit both the body and the brain.

Some experts recommend sitting for 60% of the working time, standing for 30% and active movement for the remaining 10% of the working day; others suggest 50:25:25.

Regardless of your workplace, it is clear that a healthy combination of sitting, standing and active movement should be encouraged and practiced.

Standing at a desk has a big impact on health

Height adjustable office desks therefore have an extremely positive effect on the ergonomics of the workplace - without the need for major changes. After a quick transition period, you and your employees will realize the many advantages that a lift table can bring in many areas.

Problems caused by prolonged sitting

If the table cannot be adjusted in height and the work process is extremely monotonous, a number of problems may arise, including:

  • Discontent and irritability
  • Tension and chronic poor posture
  • Decline in quality of work and concentration → inefficiency
  • Motivational problems due to monotonous physical stress
  • Circulation problems

So let's look at 10 reasons why you should choose a lifting desk

1. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

It is clear that regular exercise can replace sitting during the working day, but if you sit for a large number of hours every day, eventually even exercise will not be fully sufficient. Physical activity in the workplace is essential. If you stand up while working, do your health a favor: many studies show that prolonged sitting has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. In particular, the level of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) decreases when sitting, and as a result, the risk of heart attack increases.

Change the height of the table just by pressing a button

2. Maintaining healthy muscles

It is therefore important to get up regularly and exercise; but just getting up all day isn't the solution. It is even more important that the regenerative abilities of the spine remain activated. This happens when the spine and muscles move regularly and thus remain flexible. That is why it is important to regularly change your position and to also stand, as the muscle activity in the legs is almost zero while sitting. Over a long period of time, this can lead to muscle breakdown and negative consequences for the musculoskeletal system. In the worst case, this can lead to bone degeneration, which is very difficult to reverse. In addition, the back and neck muscles relax significantly when you regularly switch between sitting and standing positions.

3. Care for a healthy spine

As far as the spine, ankles and knees are concerned, the lift-up desk is a modern and ergonomic solution: breaking up sitting keeps you healthier in the long term, as the spine, ankles and knees are much more protected. Complications in the area of the back, neck and shoulders and joints are quickly reduced with an adjustable table. Acute back problems, which are increasingly common at younger and younger ages, can be the result of stress, mental problems or very often incorrect posture. Adjustable desks can help!

4. Up to 20% more mental activity

During the working day, situations regularly arise in which important decisions must be made quickly. Ideally, the mind should be alert and focused so that it can react quickly. According to experts, when getting up, the activity of the human brain increases by up to 20%, which results in significantly faster and better decision-making processes - even at the end of a long, tiring working day. A lifting table is therefore a great advantage if you have to work very concentratedly for several hours. In addition, employees generally become more willing, more open and more flexible with a desk that can change height.

5. Prevention of chronic diseases

In addition to preventing back problems and cardiovascular disease, raised desks can also affect long-term health: studies have shown that regular long periods of sitting limit the body's ability to break down glucose with the help of insulin. If you don't use your muscles regularly, the muscle cells become insensitive to insulin, resulting in less utilization of sugar and therefore less energy. Such a lack of movement can therefore be a contributing factor to the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Switching to an adjustable desk increases energy production and glucose breakdown.

The lifting table is also suitable for the home

6. Prevention of obesity

While sitting, the human body uses only about 1 calorie per minute, but at the same time the activity of the legs decreases and the blood level temporarily deteriorates. Conversely, walking during your lunch break burns at least three times as many calories as sitting, so occasional periods of standing and exercise are strongly recommended. This is what sit-up desks are perfect for: they also make a valuable contribution to your health after a break and can prevent excess weight while working more efficiently.

7. Saving time

Increased efficiency with highly productive work saves time in the long run. Adjustable tables can increase efficiency by at least 10%, resulting in a lot of extra time. In addition, sick leave is reduced, resulting in more optimal working hours. This means that an investment in a lifting table is not only an investment in the health of the employee, but also in the efficiency of the company!

8. Saving money

Where employees can fully concentrate on their work and are not constantly disturbed by fatigue, neck tension or back pain, they will work more efficiently (1). Both employees and the company benefit from this. Reducing absenteeism due to better health thus also serves the company's profitability. That's why investing in height-adjustable desks saves money in the long run.

9. More productive discussions

A study by behavioral researchers at the University of Missouri shows that people communicate significantly better when standing than when sitting. In standing meetings, the voice is fuller, more dynamic and therefore more persuasive, which significantly increases the overall success of meetings or phone calls. We should never underestimate the impact of getting up, moving and smiling – whether in a meeting with business partners, talking to clients or collaborating with colleagues.

Standing work is more and more popular

10. Greater motivation

Fewer external complications lead to less stress, frustration and chronic pain, which in turn creates more motivation in the workplace. If the employee feels healthier and more prepared, if the work progresses faster and reaches the set goal, then he also enjoys work more and can create more ideas and concepts and realize them with greater motivation. More exercise by getting up regularly leads to greater employee satisfaction and efficiency.


You can do more tasks while standing than you might expect: in fact, most office work is just as easy to do at a high desk as it is at a low one. It is recommended that you get used to alternating between sitting and standing while working. In the beginning, activities such as phone calls, research, mailing, or brainstorming can be done while standing, so gradually the habit changes and the transition between standing and sitting soon becomes habitual. Once you get used to working standing, it will soon become completely normal to perform all work tasks both sitting and standing.

SOURCE (1) Washington Post

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