New at Furniture 123 - assemble a dining table according to your wishes!

The fact is that the dining table is the central and most important part of the kitchen or dining rooms. It’s not just a piece of furniture, but psychologically it is much more. She is the one who invites the family to gather around and sit a little closer to each other. In this way, it allows the family to become closer or maintain strong relationships, even if only once or twice a day. In addition, the dining table is usually multi-purpose.

You can assemble a modern and elegant dining table yourself

The kitchen table has always performed double and triple tasks. Even before electricity came to our homes, the dining table was used for homework, sewing, and other household chores. There they prepared meals, taught children, families grew and matured as the kitchen table silently watched. Given how much time early families spent around this basic wooden structure, it’s no wonder that tables have special significance to us.

That is why it is all the more important that you choose the right table that will serve you effectively for many years.

We have already written a lot about wooden tables and benches, and today we are going a step further. We will present a very special program in our offer, which actually allows you to assemble your table exactly according to your wishes. But first, let's look at why, with all the offer of different dining tables on our market, we should even assemble according to our wishes.

Table top nectar in different dimensions with straight edge

Why combine a dining table?

1. You can't find the right dimension

When furnishing a room in general, we must follow a few basic rules: first, choose the size of the piece of furniture according to the room in which it will be located.

As already mentioned, the table in the dining room must play an important role. Therefore, its size will have to match the space and function it will primarily perform. However, this does not mean that it must be disproportionate to the rest of the space.

When choosing a dining table, always consider the size of the floor plan of the room where you place it. If you have a large dining room, choose a long and solid table. The same is true if you have a small space: we suggest that you choose a table that stands out in its shape and size in relation to the space - but of course it does not exceed the ratio.

So if you can’t find a suitable table to fit both the board and the legs, the ideal solution is to assemble it yourself. You will be able to combine the dimensions of the upper and lower part yourself.

2. You cannot find a functional dining table

When choosing where to place a table in the dining room, we recommend that in addition to the proportions compared to the rest of the room, you also consider its functionality.

In fact, the table is an accessory for "equipment" that has aesthetic and practical significance. We use a table for lunch and dinner. The dining room is both - a dining area and a space for socializing with guests.

When you place the table in the dining room, leave enough empty space around it. It is better to choose a smaller table that allows freedom of movement than a large table that can be aesthetically perfect but unsuitable for the spaciousness of your home.

Because there can be problems here again - you found e.g. a table with the right dimension of the plate, but the lower part is too wide - your own combination of plate and legs is a great solution.

Now that we know why the right combination of board and legs is so very important, let’s check out what you can expect from our self-assembled tables. Above all, it is important to know that such assembled tables are not only inferior, but in most cases even better and more stable than classic pre-assembled dining tables.

X-shaped metal base

Features / benefits of our table tops

Resistant material

All panels are made of quality, durable and durable material - solid, oiled oak wood in a rustic style. Such table tops are therefore suitable not only for the interior, but are also a great choice for placement on the terrace or balcony. With a little proper maintenance, they are resistant to most adverse weather conditions.

Different dimensions

Table tops of various thicknesses and dimensions are available. The panels are thus compatible with all foot shapes from the same programs. You choose e.g. can be between dimensions:

  • 160 x 90 cm
  • 180 x 90 cm
  • 200 x 100 cm
  • 220 x 100 cm

Different shapes of edges

Depending on your needs or just style preferences, you can choose from table tops with different edge shapes. We currently offer a rounded edge, a straight edge, a natural edge or a Swiss edge.

Spider-shaped metal base

Properties / advantages of our metal legs

Quality material

Like table tops, they are also made of the highest quality metal, which ensures stability and durability. They can easily withstand bad weather conditions.

Many shapes of different dimensions

Many different shapes for different tastes and styles offer a rich selection for even the most demanding customers. You will be able to opt for classic or a little less classic metal legs:

  • in the form of the Greek letter Lambda
  • U - shaped
  • X-shaped
  • W-shaped
  • spider shapes (as many as 3 different versions)
  • X-shaped, with a wooden crossbar in the middle (also 3 different versions)


Most metal legs are compatible with table tops under the same programs. You just have to be careful to choose the right dimension.


Regardless of the fact that we humans are creatures of habits and that we sometimes find it difficult to accept innovations, we urge you to sometimes simply take risks. If you still swear by classic, assembled tables, let us trust you - these too are made up of several parts, but you can't decide for yourself. So choose something new and give the tradition a touch of functional modernity.

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