Why are wooden tables and benches the best quality choice?

Did you know that the oldest piece of wooden furniture is located in Ankara and is over 2700 years old (1)? 

Exceptional information, based on which we can conclude how high-quality, durable and timeless wooden furniture can be. This is especially true for larger pieces of furniture and outdoor furniture, which must withstand the weather. That is why today we present you all the main advantages of wooden tables and benches, which absolutely prevail over products made of other materials.

Briefly about wood

Wood has therefore, as has been said, throughout history the main choice as a material for making furniture.

However, with the industrial revolution came a change in the wood furniture industry. Alternative, cheaper materials such as steel, plastic and aluminum have appeared on the market.

And yet, when, one might say, the euphoria passed, wood again began to become a valued choice. Today, wood is an indispensable material, moreover, the use of products made exclusively of wooden parts, so-called organic furniture, is increasingly encouraged.

So read the exceptional properties of wood, from which our highest quality dining tables and chairs, as well as outdoor tables and benches are made. Also check out why a wooden table is a better choice than a plastic or metal one.


Unlike many of the cheaper materials used by manufacturers today to make furniture, wood lasts and lasts, but needs extremely little maintenance.

The durability of wood depends mainly on the type of wood used to make it. Real types of solid wood, such as walnut, white oak, and cherry, actually last forever. So if the furniture is made of this wood, it will be able to serve many generations regardless of everyday use. This feature is especially needed for outdoor tables and benches, which can wear out or be destroyed quickly due to external factors.

Wooden furniture can be practically timeless

Soft woods such as pine and cedar are also common choices. Because these trees need less time to be ready for felling, consequently furniture made from this material is cheaper. It is not as durable as solid hardwood, but it is special because scratches and markings in the furniture give it a rustic look.

No matter which type you choose, wood remains by far the most durable material.

Durability also ultimately ensures that wooden furniture is worth buying. Even if you ever want to sell a piece of furniture onwards, you won’t have a problem. If only it is well maintained, its value can only grow in the years to come.

Easy maintenance

Not only is wooden furniture very durable, it is also easy to maintain. Cleaning wood is actually as easy as dusting. If you spill anything, just clean it with a damp microfiber cloth.

If you handle the wood properly, ie wipe the dust and other dirt regularly, you will not have to worry about anything else.

For other materials, e.g. iron, there will always be a risk of rusting. Another reason why such a material is absolutely not a good choice for outdoor benches.

Unique pieces

You can be sure that no one will have exactly the same table as you have. Even if a piece of furniture is made in the same way and with the same type of wood, there will always be differences.

You will notice differences in the structure of the wood as the vintages will be placed differently and the pattern will depend on the piece of wood used.

In addition, the manufacturer has much more freedom in working with wood than with any other material. While making pieces of furniture from plastic and metal is quite limited, the possibilities when working with solid wood are virtually endless. Metal table e.g. it can never have such a unique character as a wooden one.

Each wooden table is unique

This is one of the main reasons why wooden furniture is so very valuable. Every piece you have is completely unique.


Wooden furniture can be part of any style in your home.

Rustic walnut works great in a rustic home. Imagine a rich wooden walnut table as the center of your dining room. Not only is it extremely functional, it also provides a cozy interior.

For the more modern, a natural walnut is suitable, which matches well with the white, minimalist style. Natural darker wood color and light accessories are a great combination.

Cherry is the right choice for all those who swear by the traditional look of the premises.

If you like to mix styles, have fun with combinations of different types of wood, both indoors or outdoors. Why, for example, should an outdoor table be made of the same wood as chairs and benches?

Wooden furniture offers you a kind of versatility that no other type of furniture can.

If you want to complement your style with metal or plastic, you will need to rely on different colors or colored material. This can mean a lot of problems, as it is extremely difficult to find a specific shade of furniture that would also match e.g. the color of your wall.

A wooden table is placed in each room


Unlike plastic, wood is a sustainable resource. As long as it is grown responsibly, the trees can be constantly replenished.

However, it is important for producers to buy wood from environmentally friendly forests. These are forests in which a new tree is planted as soon as the previous one is cut down. By investing in this type of sustainable wood, we can help reduce carbon emissions.

Wood is also much easier to recycle and reuse than other materials, e.g. plastic.


Finishing, painting and various surface treatments can give your piece of furniture an even more unique look, while also protecting it. This is especially important and necessary for outdoor furniture, which should at least be varnished to make it waterproof and prevent rot. Termites, mold, and the accumulation of rainwater are usually the main culprits. By varnishing, you "seal" the wood, which prevents the intrusion of pests, water and other liquids, which significantly extends the life. Your tables and benches will be able to be used by many generations.

Staining wood can be especially useful in matching a piece of furniture with the color of the room in which it will be located, without losing the unique structure of the piece.

Wooden outdoor furniture - the only right choice


Transforming wooden furniture to suit your needs can be easy. Sanding, painting and painting are processes that can give an old-fashioned piece of furniture a new look that fits the ever-changing style of your home.

If the look of your wooden table that you got from your parents doesn’t match the aesthetics of your new kitchen, you can change it very easily. Sand or repaint - depending on current properties.

There is no such possibility with other materials. What a lot of customization glass table, for example, does not allow. But with wood, flexibility is more than possible. You work with material that responds well to change.


So the fact is that solid wood furniture is a great choice for your dining table or outdoor tables and benches.

With proper maintenance, the tables in front of the house will last for generations and fond memories will be written for decades. 

SOURCE (1) Furnishack

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