Furnishing a teenager's room - 12 useful tips for furnishing your teenager's room

Furnishing a youth room is not an easy task - it must be a multi-purpose space where your teenager can sleep, study and, last but not least, have fun with friends, and at the end of the day, the room must be "cool".

Most teenagers treat their room as a small home where they will sleep, eat, study and have fun, so it is important to take all of this into account when furnishing it.

So we can say that furnishing your own room is one of the most exciting moments in your child's life. If you let your teen have a say from the start of the design process, chances are you'll end up with both a tastefully designed room and a happy child.

Youth room School

As parents, we definitely need certain guidelines that will ensure that the youth will look good and, above all, appropriate. We definitely suggest that you tackle the furnishing together with your child, so that the end result will be both the fruit of your joint efforts and a great bonding time. Here are some points to consider when decorating a teen's room:

1. A room is never just a room

Teenagers usually like to stay in their rooms, where they would place practically anything they can. This makes their rooms a library, an entertainment space, a work nook, a study space and anything else they can imagine. If possible, we would also have a swimming pool in the room. Therefore, check how you can integrate various functions in the youth room to make the best use of the available space.

2. Check available space

The room can be large or small, but it can also be of different shapes. In the case of a smaller room, you can consider using a bunk bed, where the lower part can be used as a desk, while the upper level is a sleeping area. You can also use space-saving storage units, such as beds with drawers. If the room is large, you will have more opportunities to express your child's creativity. Be sure to use the space wisely, regardless of the size.

Bed with drawers

3. Choose vibrant colors

A youth room usually looks lively. So choose colors that are vibrant and bright. Some combine different colors to create multi-colored rooms, while others stick to similar color shades. Pink is usually used for girls' bedrooms and blue for boys' bedrooms. But it doesn't have to be like that all the time. A teenager can choose the color for his bedroom based on the colors he likes.

4. Use patterns

When it comes to furnishing a youth room, patterns are very modern. They can be used to decorate the main wall in the room. It can also be used at the head of the bed or in other parts of the interior of the room. Some use patterns in bedding, which is best combined with a monochrome interior.

5. Get creative with the walls

Don't let the walls be boring. A minimalist bedroom can still carry a decoration such as a framed picture or poster. But teenage bedrooms usually have decorative walls with which to express themselves. Some put up posters of their favorite movie, while others create their own art and graphics. Wall stickers and wallpaper can also add life to a teenage bedroom.

6. Provide enough space to sit

Teens like to bring their friends home. They spend most of their time in the room, where they work on various projects, watch movies, study or have fun. You can place stools, beanbags or floor cushions in the room so that everyone can sit comfortably.

Stools for a youth room

7. Provide storage space

For most teenagers, organization and tidying up is not a top priority. Well, you can actually help them by providing enough storage space. You can also try using fun and easy storage spaces. Choose storage spaces that will suit their needs and make sure they are easy to use.

8. Choose quality furniture

Furniture should be of good quality and it makes sense to buy one that your teenager can still use even when they grow up. Choose a bed that will be useful and comfortable for your teenager for a long time. Opt for wardrobes for clothes that will be spacious and functional. You can opt for trendy furniture that you can still pass on to a younger sibling. You can also add some sleeping bags if your teenager likes to invite friends over for a sleepover.

Functional wardrobe for clothes

9. Select add-ons

A teenage bedroom would look much livelier if you added accessories to it. Let your teen choose which items to put in the bedroom. You can go shopping with your teen and choose accessories that are stylish but inexpensive. You can also try creating some accessories for your teenager. Crafting time can also be a good bonding moment for both of you.

10. Be creative with your design

Creativity should be used in all aspects of designing a teen's room. Also check your budget so you can figure out how much you would spend on decorations. In fact, you can be creative without spending a lot of money. Also, make sure that the design of the room suits your teenager's personality.

11. Create a space for notifications

Hang a quality chalkboard on the wall as this will reduce damage to the walls and allow your teenager to pin up photos and reminders.

A magnetic board or a cork board are great solutions as they allow teenagers to customize their space and highlight what is important to them. The board also acts as an ever-changing piece of art as their tastes change.

12. Don't forget about technology

Once the aesthetics are taken care of, it's time to consider the functionality of the space. Teens use the internet for school work and to maintain their social lives online, so including data points is essential.

Make sure your teen has enough power points to plug in computers and charge devices. Try to integrate these into the study area to make it practical and tidy.

Access to the Internet is important for teenagers. An Ethernet cable or WiFi booster installed will help teens stay connected.


The above points will surely help you in furnishing a room for teenagers. You can notice that youth rooms are really full of interesting things that make them suitable for a young person. For decoration or to top it off, find items that are fun and affordable. Above all, talk to your teen and agree on what to put in the room, especially when it comes to furniture.

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