Which mattress should you buy? - 3 sets of mattresses that most people choose

In the text below, this time we've come up with 3 simple but very useful and practical tips for anyone wondering which mattress to buy. Which is what more and more prospective mattress buyers are wondering in today's inundation of mattress providers.

Given that today most desirable and popular among mattresses are mattresses with polyurethane foam and various mattress pads (due to the good value for money), mattresses with pocket springs and mattresses with a combination of classic coils and various polyurethane foams, we have focused our collected tips especially on the latter.

Which mattress should you buy?

Why and when to opt for polyurethane foam beds?

Polyurethane foam beds will be chosen especially by those who are looking for the most appropriate value for your money, since polyurethane foam beds are considered to be affordable beds, and at the same time most of these beds can be obtained in all standard mattress sizes.

Unlike in the past, all modern polyurethane mattresses today contain antiallergic components (against mites, etc ...), and also most polyurethane foam beds have additionally reinforced edges (individual models also with eco felt).

Who are pocket spring mattresses suitable for?

The next group of most recommended mattresses are definitely mattresses with pocket springs, which, especially in the last decade, have become a real hit in the supply of quality beds.

The reason for the latter lies in the fact that the mattresses with pocket springs, on the one hand, make it possible to lie on classic coils (traditionally considered one of the most breathable sleeping solutions), and at the same time pockets, with which individual springs are covered, prevent the springs from moving and getting disproportionately distributed throughout the mattress.

As a result, more and more buyers of classic coil spring mattresses are replacing these with pocket spring mattresses. At the same time, these mattresses are further reinforced with various sleeping pads made of more or less rigid foams, and additionally most of them contain four or even more layers of eco felt, various foams, protective canvases and yufin.

Which mattress should you buy?

In which cases to choose universal and, above all, affordable mattresses?

The third group of the most attractive mattresses are universal mattresses that have gained in popularity, mainly because of their simplicity and, consequently, attractive prices.

Such mattresses allow for convenient transportation as they, unlike larger and more durable mattresses, can be rolled when delivered and, additionally, they contain detachable and washable covers and protective fabric layers.

Customers usually choose universal and affordable mattresses in the case of furnishing larger accommodation and sleeping capacities (hostels, lodging houses, etc.), as they are distinguished by the possibility of easy and fast delivery, good price and standard and universal dimensions that enable them to be used in virtually every classic and standard bed frame.

Therefore, if you are wondering which mattress to buy, we recommend that you shortlist mattresses from the sets we have presented above.

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