3 practical benefits of classical bonell springs

Bonell mattress spring is certainly one of the most well-known mattress springs. Some of you might better know them as mattresses with coil spring suspension, while others refer to it as bonell.

The reason for this lies in the fact that bonell suspension has, among all other beds, by far the longest history, as the industry for the production of modern beds and mattresses actually started with the classic mattresses on metal oil springs (which we called schlaraffia).

Despite the fact that bonell suspension is considered to be the oldest among all beds, and despite the fact that today, practically every season, new materials and products in the field of sleep come to the market, bonell coil spring mattresses nevertheless remain incredibly popular with both customers who are opting for the bonell mattress for the first time, as well as those who are replacing their old bed with a new one.

It is especially interesting to observe the trend of those who have been using beds with coil spring suspension, how, even when buying a new mattress, they decide to buy bonell beds again.

Among the top 3 benefits that a bonell suspension brings are mattress breathability by comparison with any other modern bed, endurance and durability of the mattress and price (which varies greatly from provider to provider of coil spring suspension).

Bonell springs

These three benefits of bonell suspension, compared to other types of mattresses, make such a big difference that today, despite the use of modern materials, a huge number of manufacturers are opting to develop mattresses with new materials, with the base of the bed that consists of a bonell core, in many cases even a double core.

The bonell mattress is breathable primarily because the metal frame is surrounded by just a variety of coverings and materials, while the mattress core itself remains breathable and free. The latter contributes to the breathability of the mattress, which we know brings the answer to the question of excessive humidity of other types of mattresses. At the same time, the mattress's breathability contributes to its comfort. And hygiene.

The Bonell mattress is also easily portable and does not break upon delivery. Although proponents of folding beds always emphasize the advantage of easy delivery of folding mattresses made of other materials, it should be emphasized that, however, the bonell mattresses have an advantage in that only with it can we be 100% sure it won't break when delivered. For all other mattresses, we must simply believe the seller for this claim.

Because the bonell mattress is not foldable, this is the biggest and most reliable guarantee that it will not break.

It is not irrelevant to mention that the durability of this mattress is virtually forever and lasting, for all other types of beds, however, we must again more or less trust the sellers.

Who is bonell suspension recommended for?

The Bonell mattress is best recommended for anyone who is firstly interested in mattress endurance and durability, and then, immediately after that, in the importance of mattress breathability.

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