What are the most common materials for kitchen chairs

When you think of dining rooms, you may only think of functionality rather than creativity. Which of course is not true. There are so many different types of dining tables and chairs available today that sometimes you don't know where to start. Of course, it is important that the table is big enough and that the chairs are comfortable, but you would probably also like to feel comfortable in the room, right? Since you can choose from different materials for dining sets, you will be able to find exactly what you envisioned.

To make the choice easier, in this post we look at what materials are available and which ones would be the best for your style. So the first thing to consider is your individual needs. If you have children, you probably want the material to be easy to clean. If your dining room is also a home office, you will choose chairs that are comfortable to sit on all day. So deciding on chairs depends on how you use the dining area and who uses it.

The choice of table and chairs depends mainly on your style

Natural materials

Natural materials kitchen chairs are usually made from materials like wood, cane, rattan and many more. By far the most chairs and tables are made of natural materials, we could say that natural materials are used most often in the dining room. Below we describe some of the most popular.


Wicker consists of flexible plant materials (such as bamboo, willow or rattan), which, while light, are strong and extremely durable materials. Such chairs are usually hand-woven and therefore unique. Because they are durable and resistant, they are the ideal choice for an outdoor dining area, as the weather conditions practically cannot harm them.


Teak is a tropical type of hardwood that can be used to make beautiful and durable furniture. With its warmer tone, it adds an organic warmth to the room, making it particularly suitable for the dining room. Teak has a beautiful color and can be easily combined with other materials.

Natural wood

Natural wood kitchen chairs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, making them one of the most versatile materials. In fact, they go well with many different styles, be they modern, classic, minimalist, rustic... A dining room with wooden chairs is extremely pleasant and airy, but also gives a sense of homeliness and hospitality. Since this is a strong natural material, such chairs and tables can last for several generations.

Table and chairs made of painted natural wood

Stained or painted wood

When choosing wooden chairs, you have much more than just natural wood at your disposal. Each piece is already unique due to the different structure of the wood, but you can also opt for additional processing. The wood can be protected with colored varnish or painted or we paint with neutral colors (white, gray black), or we are more daring and choose red, yellow, pink or blue! Regardless of the final color, painted or painted wooden dining chairs achieve even more contrast.


Leather kitchen chairs usually add a splash of color to a dining room. Leather adds some sophistication to the dining room, but different leather tones will have a different effect on the feel. Leather kitchen chairs are often combined with a metal frame, which gives them a more elegant look.

Since leather is a softer material, the chairs are quite comfortable to sit on. Medium dark shades e.g. they are very versatile and add a sense of warmth to the room. If we take good care of leather, especially natural leather, it can last for many years. Otherwise, it will partially wear out over the years, but this at most gives it an even nicer, slightly nostalgic look.

Upholstered chairs

Upholstered kitchen chairs look more formal, but of course it depends on the material you choose. Dining chairs can thus be upholstered with many materials - from cotton and canvas to velvet and vinyl. They can also be fully upholstered or have only the seat and back upholstered.

Chair, upholstered in seat and back


Velvet, which has a rich texture, can make the dining room look much more elegant and luxurious. However, velvet is not the easiest to clean, so it is not the most popular choice where children are present (unless it is a durable, darker colored velvet). Sometimes velvet dining chairs are fully upholstered, some have only the seat upholstered, while the legs are made of metal or wood.


Dining chairs with covers are more suitable for formal dining rooms because they look more sophisticated (eg wedding receptions). As most covers can be removed and washed, they are generally child-friendly – just make sure the fabric is washable. For a less formal look, you can use a slipcover for just two chairs at each end of the table to add some movement and structure to your dining room.

Artificial materials

Dining chairs can also be made from artificial materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, plastic and metal. They tend to be a common choice because they are easy to clean. However, the material is very specific and does not fit into every kitchen or dining room.

You can combine a metal bar stool with wooden chairs


Acrylic kitchen chairs are super stylish and perfect for those who have a contemporary design space. While they are not the most comfortable to sit on, they are very easy to clean! All you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth. They are best suited for smaller spaces, as acrylic visually enlarges a small space.


Metal chairs are easy to maintain and quite durable. Being quite industrial in appearance, they can seem cold and impersonal. Therefore, if you want to add more comfort and warmth to your dining room, we recommend a combination of one or two metal chairs (e.g. bar stools) with chairs made of natural materials. For additional comfort, you can also add a pillow to the metal chairs.

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