Furniture pieces that should not be missing in any children's or youth room

Are you just about to renovate a children's or youth room? Or have you just moved and are refurbishing a space for your little ones? Anyway, in today's post, we're going to help you out with a list of nursery furniture and products that you simply must include.

There are certain pieces that are essential in a child's room. It just won't work without a bed or storage cabinets. After the basic pieces are placed, decorations are added based on them and the room is completely furnished. The possibilities for furnishing a children's or youth room are endless. You can always choose between materials, colors and layout options. The general advice is to always consider the age of the child and his wishes, because in the end this will be the place where the child will spend the most time. Also keep in mind that you will need to move or rearrange the furniture as the child grows. That's why it makes sense to choose more neutral colors for the basic pieces, for finishing touches or for decoration, use accessories that can be easily changed. Let's be honest, your child's favorite color will be different every month!

The bed

Let's start at the beginning - with the bed. Once your child outgrows the cradle or cot, it's time for a quality and comfortable bed on which he will spend many years of his childhood. Colorful beds with unusual shapes or bunk beds are always a popular choice. Parents who have at least 2 children choose a bunk bed, but it is also a common choice for single parents. It can provide an extra bed for friends, or later one part can be replaced with a desk or wardrobe. We also recommend that you choose a bed that will be suitable for the child even in a few years and will practically grow with him.

Children's bed with storage

Night stand

On the bedside table, the child will place a glass of water, a lamp to check for monsters from the closet, or a pile of books. Choose a bedside table with at least one drawer and the child will be able to hide the most valuable treasures there. In a smaller room, you can place a drawer instead of a cabinet and in this way provide even more storage space.


A piece that should not be missing in a child's room (as well as in an adult's bedroom) is a wardrobe. If the closet is really big, the children will be extremely grateful. And of course, this closet will not only be for clothes! It will be perfect for storing toys, art supplies or sports accessories. Opt for a wardrobe that you can later (eg when the child grows up) move to another room. The closet should have both shelves and the possibility to hang clothes.

Girl's wardrobe


A fun rug is a great way to liven up a child's room. Choose a material that is appropriate for the purpose of the carpet. Wool is of excellent quality but can be expensive. Natural fibers are a great choice for transitional rooms, but make sure you choose one that is easy to clean. It should also be taken into account that darker carpets will require less maintenance and wear will be less visible than light ones. Above all, make sure that the carpet is comfortable and pleasant, that the child will like to play or rest on it.

Additional furniture for storage

In most cases, a wardrobe will not be enough, because children really have a lot of different items. From clothes and bedding to toys, school supplies and accessories for all other hobbies.

Therefore, it makes sense to consider additional shelves, baskets, bookcases, drawers... Just make sure that the furniture is accessible for your child and that it is easy to maintain. Plus, having extra pieces will encourage them to put everything in its place. If you don't have much space, just add a simple basket or add a shelf or two.

Desk and chair

desk is essential for every child, especially a teenager. A children's table with stools is sufficient for small children, and a real youth table for slightly older ones. Think of children's tables as an investment - it is a piece of furniture that can be used throughout childhood and even into the teenage years. If you choose a quality piece, it will go with them in the first apartment, or you will move it to the home office of your home. Also choose a comfortable chair on which your child will sit for long hours without any problems. Such chairs are usually upholstered and designed for an optimal position of the spine.

Once the necessary furniture is in place, it's time to decorate, which takes into account the wishes and personality traits of the child. The decoration is what brings the children's room to life and helps the child feel really good in it. Read what can be part of the decoration.

Lively desk

Wall decoration

Add some fun to the room with posters and flyers on the wall. It's a great way to convey your child's favorite colors and interests - from animals and plants to outer space and superheroes. These pieces of wall art can be fun creations of your children or favorite framed illustrations of their choice.


Good lighting will give children the light they need throughout the day and into the evening, but it needs to be super easy to use. Opt for a main ceiling light and one or two additional floor or table lamps. This way they can use bright light during the day but have more soothing, softer light at night. When choosing lamps, avoid glass ones - children break them quickly.

Curtains or blinds

For maximum privacy and an undisturbed night's sleep, it is important to consider window tinting. Blinds are one of the easiest ways to ensure children's privacy. If possible, choose ones without cords - these tend to get tangled quickly, and at the same time they pose a danger, especially for small children. Avoid expensive curtains until children are old enough not to damage them. If you don't want blinds after all, opt for strong dark curtains that you open in the morning.

Other decorative accessories

Cushions, blankets, stools and similar products for the children's room - all these plush, soft and colorful accessories bring extra joy and comfort to the room. These accessories provide an easy way to set up a mini reading nook or play area. All you need is a comfortable rug, some pillows and a cute stool. Some kind of soft blanket will be the only reason to set up a fort for playing.

Soft stool in the shape of an elephant

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