3 main features of pocket spring mattresses (compared to other kinds of mattresses)

If we have already detailed the main features and benefits of coil spring mattresses in the article on the link, due to which a huge number of mattress buyers still decide for coil spring mattresses, despite the inundation of various models of modern mattresses, the ones who are more inclined to pocket spring mattresses, can see the main features that embellish today's pocket spring mattresses below.

Additional protection of mattresses with pockets (made of fabric and other materials)

One of the main features of pocket suspension mattresses (compared to classic coil spring) is additional protection of each spring individually. Depending on the pocket mattress model, individual models may have, additional anti-allergy protection, which in some cases is even more layered (between 4 and 6 layers).

Additionally, different models of mattresses with pocket  springs are equipped with several zone pocket cores, and the material, depending on the model, consists of textiles, single or double fabrics, mixed fabrics or further processing of the textile surface.

Pocket spring mattresses

Easy to use and maintain

The following feature of spring mattresses is shown through the ease of delivery and assembly since the mattresses with pocket springs are already fitted and assembled for the final customer, the transport of the bed does not require a large transport vehicle, and, depending on the materials of which they are composed, such mattresses are easy to maintain and wash (most often allow machine wash at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius).

Different levels of hardness of beds

Pocket spring mattresses are considered to be medium hard mattresses, where the number of springs varies depending on the dimension of the beds. The cores of the pocket springs are barrel-shaped in some models, and pocket-sprung in others, and some models also have interconnected (integrated) to pockets provide additional stability for such mattresses.

Like with other types of mattresses, mattresses with pocket springs are also available in all standard dimensions. This also facilitates the purchase of an accompanying bedding (covers, sheets, pillows), which in most cases adapts to exactly the standard dimensions of mattresses.

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