Which mattress is the best?

Given that usually every manufacturer of mattresses praises their product with a variety of arguments, we decided to take a closer look on our blog which  mattress is the best, regardless of who the manufacturer of each mattress is.

Unfortunately, there is universal answer to the question of the best mattress that would be suitable for just about any person. As with any other thing in life, it is also true for mattresses that different types of beds are suitable for different people. It just depends on age of the user, weight of the user, sleeping habits of the user, their specific needs, but also on prices of different mattresses in comparison to the quality they provide.

Which mattress is the best?

Quality mattresses are, of course, more expensive than the cheapest ones, but since you are currently at the stage of buying a mattress, it will not be out of place to mention that more expensive mattresses do not necessarily mean better quality. Because some mattress providers are raising the price of their products simply because they are targeting customers who automatically consider that an expensive mattress also means a quality bed.

So if you are looking for the best mattress for your needs, it will be best if you decide on buying and choosing a mattress after answering the following 3 questions:

  • what is the required dimension of your mattress (in height, the most appropriate mattress is the one that is at least 10 cm longer than the taller person sleeping on the bed - if it is a double bed).
  • what is the required hardness of your bed, for those who have occasional or regular spinal problems, a harder bed is recommended
  • what kind of materials should your mattress be made of. People with an excessive tendency to sweat will definitely not choose a memory foam bed, as it does not let moisture through and does not enable good breathability. On the other hand, beds made of polyurethane and air foam will be chosen by those who enjoy freshness and softness, while at the same time look for a mattress for the right / not too high price.

Which mattress is the best?

The simple process to find out which mattress is best for you

If you are wondering which mattress is best, it won't be wrong to compare individual beds with one another. In doing your “home mini exploration of appropriate beds” for your sleep type, compare “pears with pears” and “apples with apples”.

Said differently: compare comparable mattresses to one another. To do this, put a common denominator in the first place, the one that is the most important for you.

If this is e.g. dimension of the bed (including mattress height), list only the beds that match your desired dimensions in the list of potential beds to buy.

Then carry on with another common denominator. If this one is e.g. a certain type of material, remove all beds that do not contain the material you want from the list.

Then go to the third common denominator of the rest of the mattresses and repeat the process until you have only one or two more mattresses left to choose from.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get exactly the mattress you need.

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