Why choose organic furniture and what are its advantages

Ordinary furniture will no longer suffice over time, as users are also aware of the importance of the ecological concept and a healthy living environment. More and more manufacturers are focusing on the production of natural furniture. Organic furniture is gaining market share and we are convinced that it will be higher every year.

Forecast showing how sales of organic furniture will grow by 2030 by the year (SOURCE 1).

Forecast showing how sales of organic furniture will grow by 2030 by the year (SOURCE 1).

Organic furniture is a significant novelty on the Slovenian market, so we are even more proud to present our Organic line. Currently, you can choose from quite a few bed models, bedside night stands and a wardrobe.

Since ecological furniture is a relatively new principle, in this article we will present the basic properties and advantages of completely natural furniture.

What does the term organic furniture mean?

Organic furniture, which can also be called green, natural, organic or sustainable furniture, means that it is made from raw materials that are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. In general, for ecologically made furniture for the production or. later also the assembly requires fewer parts and are therefore often also more durable than ordinary furniture.

Organic furniture

So what does this mean in practice? In such a piece of furniture, manufacturers most often use locally grown or recycled materials, assembled using minimal and non-toxic adhesives and elements, which they buy in local stores or from retailers. In this way, they reduce the negative impact on the environment in at least three areas:

  • Because the raw materials are local, there is no transport and no air pollution
  • Due to the non-use of toxic adhesives and other toxins, there is no tinting of the poisoned water into the soil
  • There is no unnatural waste due to the non-use of additional components (eg screws)
  • In addition, as shoppers in local retail stores, you are boosting the local economy, encouraging employment and a higher level of community investment.

Of course, we do not live in a perfect world and we must be aware that not all organic furniture will always be 100% organic. For example, much of the bamboo used to make furniture is produced in China, which means that a certain amount of energy is consumed when bamboo is shipped to Europe. As there is currently no "green certificate" for furniture, it is necessary to inquire and research both the manufacturer and the products before buying.

Main features of organic furniture

1. Sustainable use

Furniture that is organic is also sustainable. Think of your kitchen, which houses the beautiful chairs you’ve been looking for for months. They are beautiful, comfortable and we would love to have them for the rest of our lives. But we all know that furniture probably doesn’t have a lifespan of 40 or 50 years. Well, with organic furniture, you definitely have more chances that chairs will adorn your kitchen for many years to come. Which, of course, cannot be said for ordinary furniture, especially if it is extremely cheap.

Organic bed

2. Free of chemicals and toxins

Organic furniture is definitely free of hazardous chemicals. Did you even know how many toxins can be in wood, how much formaldehyde plywood contains? how many elements are sprayed with hazardous chemicals found in varnishes? Toxins in the finished layers of material on certain furniture can affect the air in your home and some can even be carcinogenic. When you choose organic furniture made with minimal amounts of chemicals or even without, you will get less or no harmful pollutants being released into your home. Which is especially important, considering that lately, due to the epidemiological situation, we spend most of our time indoors.

3. Natural materials without metallic elements

When you opt for organic furniture, you will also opt for a premium material, usually made of solid wood (e.g. oak or spruce). Solid wood is not only solid, durable and beautiful, it is also a thankful and healthy material. At the same time, wood is also a renewable energy source, which means that trees can grow back. So by opting for solid wood furniture, you are not only benefiting yourself, but also the environment. Environmentally friendly furniture is therefore made in a way that has minimal negative impact on the planet. Moreover, the carbon footprint resulting from the production and processing of wood products is drastically lower than that for other building materials In addition, some types of sustainable furniture are made exclusively from recycled materials.

The peculiarity of organic furniture is also that it is composed on the basis of knowledge of old master skills - without screws or nails.

Happy home

4. Aesthetic appearance

There is practically no household where there is not a piece of wooden furniture in at least one room. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, cabinets - the benefits of wooden furniture in the home can not be overestimated. For most, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and solid structure that is not found in other materials. Wooden furniture can be part of any style - whether you have a modern apartment or a rustic house. The wide range of wood colors and tones means that there is a lot of variety available for style and appearance. But not only the colors, but also the texture and structure of the wood.

Because wood is associated with nature or. is part of nature, it can change the mood of the room or the whole house. Wood creates a homely, pleasant feeling and provides a pleasant stay. It offers timeless quality that cannot be replaced.

Organic night stand

Organic furniture and price

Because the market for this type of furniture is still relatively young, prices are sometimes higher than regular furniture. But as demand grows, the material becomes more affordable and even more accessible. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that such furniture will have a much longer lifespan than usual. For example, if you decide to buy an average dining table that costs € 200, you will have it for about 5 years. If you buy a dining table made of natural furniture for € 800, you will have it for at least 15, 20 years.

Durability therefore ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for its price. Not to mention the other benefits.

How organic furniture affects health

As already mentioned, ordinary furniture has a surprisingly large number of chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Children can be especially sensitive, so choosing eco furniture is a great solution. The most common chemical is formaldehyde, which has been scientifically linked to some forms of cancer. Other chemicals cause irritation, breathing problems and hormonal changes. Opting for eco-friendly furniture will solve these problems and will help make your stay healthier.

Comfortable stay


Organic furniture made of sustainable materials, especially wood, is slowly penetrating our market.

It offers many benefits that, in the long run, are more than beneficial to both us and our environment. It is completely natural, durable, non-toxic and extremely aesthetic. For a modern and healthy lifestyle, this is more than a great choice. Notwithstanding the fact that it is not the most advantageous compared to ordinary furniture, it still offers much more and justifies its value.

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