Top tips for buying furniture for your new apartment

If you are planning to move soon, today's post is for you. Furnishing an apartment is not always the easiest task, so we write down 10 extremely useful tips for an efficient choice and a smart purchase. Let's see!

1. Set a realistic budget...and stick to it

The average cost of furnishing a two-room apartment with furniture can be very different, as it mainly depends on the price range you will be buying in and what you need. €5,000 may be enough, but €15,000 may not be enough. So research the market, compare prices and set a budget that will be achievable. Also try to set a budget for each space and spend relatively evenly to ensure consistent quality.

We've all heard the sayings "you get what you pay for" and "buying cheap buys twice" and this generally applies to furniture as well. Most items are used every day, so quality is important to consider. Table made of solid wood, e.g. will be a better choice than a plastic table, especially if quality beds are important to you.

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2. Multipurpose furniture

Try to buy furniture that will be as versatile as possible. There will probably be situations when you would like to entertain a larger number of guests. One of these is definitely a festively covered table during the Christmas season. However, you usually don't need such a large table, and kitchen chairs also become redundant.

So consider an extendable table and dining chairs that can also act as side chairs, so you can place them in the living room, in the hallway or in the bedroom. In fact, many chairs can function as "occasional chairs" but are equally suitable for dining (just make sure the seat height is about 45 cm from the floor).

3. Don't buy too much

Do you really need a coffee table in the living room? Will you actually use the console table in the hallway? For many, the answer will be yes, but ask yourself if you really think you will use this piece of furniture. This is especially true for a smaller apartment or a new house. Either way, the need for more space is one of the most common reasons for moving, so why limit it with too much furniture?

Try to assess your needs and, based on these assessments, make a decision mainly from a functional point of view, not a decorative one - this way you will save space and money.

4. Tackle the living room first

You'll probably want to buy all the furniture right away, but still take the time to get a feel for the space. Measuring will always help, but there is an even better way to simulate how much space it will take e.g. a new bookcase for the living room you've had your eye on. Place a few boxes (you'll have a lot of them after the move) where the rack will be and let them sit there for a few days. Spatial will give you a great sense of whether your potential purchase is too big.

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5. Think about shades and style

Quality furniture will often dictate the rest of the decor, so think twice before using a bold color to upholster your furniture. It is much easier and cheaper to change the color of a cushion or curtain, so neutral tones and different types of wood are often a safe choice. In bedrooms, e.g. install neutral bed frames and liven them up and match them with bedding and covers in the style of the whole apartment.

That doesn't mean you should be reticent, and there's certainly no shortage of contemporary and exciting furniture styles on the market today. Distinctiveness and creativity will certainly bring creativity to your new home and thus a pleasant stay. Just make sure that the styles do not differ between rooms, especially if those rooms are in close proximity.

6. Furniture for a new home

With a newly built house, you will not only get that luxurious, brand new feeling, but also the advantage of a blank canvas. So before you start furnishing, think about your future furniture, so that when choosing specifications such as floor types, you already have a rough plan of how everything will coordinate.

You probably visited the showroom before buying, and if you're looking for inspiration, remember that the spaces have been carefully coordinated by professional interior designers. So take another look and bring your laptop and camera. But remember that showrooms often use space-efficient (ie small) furniture to give the impression of space, so it's worth bringing along a tape measure for future reference.

Jedilnica z jedilno mizo je srce stanovanja

7. Don't forget the old furniture

What will you do with your old, unwanted furniture? Most likely it will still be suitable for someone, so you can donate it and make many people happy.. Local charity furniture shops or community projects will often gratefully collect your old items for free. A quick Google search and a phone call or email are usually enough.

Not only will you do something good for the community, you will also contribute to a cleaner environment. Millions of tons of wood are thrown away every year, so this is your chance to "do something good and not waste wood".

8. Family-friendly furniture

You may have new members in the coming years, so it's worth considering their needs today, because quality furniture is an investment that will last for years. If, for example, thinking about expanding the family, avoid pieces with sharp corners and consider choosing upholstery materials that are darker in color (to cover stains) or easier to wipe clean (such as bonded leather). New pets are another practical point to consider.

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9. If you buy online, you can change your mind

The way furniture is bought is evolving, and traditional retail stores are becoming less popular. Online shopping is more convenient, there are more choices, and you don't pay the rent of expensive retail space in the store or the salaries of the sales staff. But remember that your consumer rights still apply when buying online and, crucially, you have the legal right to return products within 14 days if you change your mind.

10. New home... old furniture

Finally, recycling is becoming more and more popular. Maybe you have an old, favorite piece of furniture from your previous apartment that you'd like to keep, but you're worried that it won't be compatible with the new style? If so, why not revamp it? Be creative and have fun - you can strip it, change the handles or other features, or even paint it. A perfectly good piece can then continue to function like a brand new piece - great for the environment and your pocket.

We hope that this list has at least partially helped you in planning and choosing. Above all, remember that while moving can be stressful, shopping for furniture for your new home should be fun. Good luck with your move, and if you're already there, welcome and enjoy making your new apartment home!

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