Should you choose for a high-gloss coffee table?

One of the most attractive options and one of the most common furniture trends is, not only in living room, but everywhere else, to buy high-gloss furniture. Coffee tables and other high-gloss furniture is modern, beautiful in appearance, combines fantastically with the rest of the furniture, while being easy to clean and maintain.

High-gloss coffee table

And yet future buyers of new furniture often have concerns whether to opt for furniture, and especially coffee tables in living rooms, in high gloss.

So here are some quick tips below to help you make the decision whether to buy a coffee table in high gloss.

As we know, there are plenty of possibilities of placing a coffee table in the living room. Already in the article What kind of coffee tables do we like to buy, we have seen that the selection of coffee tables is very often conditioned with the price of the tables, the purpose, the type of material and the design.

However, as has been mentioned that, very often for coffee tables, the most important is the question of the usefulness and sensibleness of high gloss.

The advantage of a high-gloss coffee table manifests itself through the dazzling decor of the living room. As mentioned before, such a coffee table is also cleaned more easily and faster, and also its resistance to possible residual moisture (from glasses on the table), fruits and other snacks we like to serve in the living room is larger than other tables made from other materials.

High-gloss coffee table

For those of you who think that high-gloss coffee tables get cuts and scratches because of things that are put on the table, let's calm you down with the fact that today the technology of high-gloss furniture production has gone so far that is practically very difficult to make visible cuts and scratches with the normal use of furniture - unless we deliberately engage in destroying and scratching furniture.

After all, high gloss, unlike other materials most commonly used furniture for living rooms, can also additionally be protected and polished with special coatings. You cannot do this on furniture that contains natural, solid wood and glass.

Dust on high-gloss furniture,  is also easier to be removed, in comparison to furniture made of other materials. If you choose high gloss in white or lighter shades of colour, it is sufficient for regular maintenance and appearance of a clean living room, to wipe off the dust once a week. Thus, the cost and time of maintenance of such furniture is significantly reduced.

For the reasons listed above, the manufacturers of many decorative coffee tables, which give the appearance of antique coffee tables, decide to finish them in high gloss.

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