How to furnish a living room?

Given that all of us who are in the stage of furnishing the living room want our living room to be as practical as it is beautiful, but at the same time that furnishing the living room would not cost us too much, we decided to come up with tips on how to furnish a living room in this blog.

How are living room furnishings affected by space constraints?

How are living room furnishings affected by space constraints?

The contemporary design of residential units and living quarters is increasingly turning to rooms that are made entirely individually and differently, so that, except in block dwellings, there are no two living rooms that offer the same layout of the walls, and consequently allowing the same arrangement of furniture in the living room.

Therefore, the basis of furnishing any living room is first its space limitation, but it has proven from practice that most living rooms in modern times are mostly furnished in the style of minimalist furniture furnishings, than to put more furniture pieces in the living room.

The modern trend of furnishing living rooms, in addition to minimalist furnishings, is accompanied by bright colours that bring more light, more spaciousness and more freshness to the living room. Therefore, among the living room furniture elements, you will find more bright and white pieces, and these are often combined with modern accessories (lamps, glass showcases, low coffee tables, racks, elegant wall shelves, etc.).

The importance of practicality of furniture in the living room

For anyone interested in how to furnish a living room, the second most important factor in deciding on certain equipment and furniture pieces is the practicality of the furniture we intend to place in the living room.

Especially the latter is shown in smaller living rooms, where space constraints dictate that we choose more furniture elements that allow for greater functionality (sofas with pull-out beds, low coffee tables with extra drawers, recliners with extra backrests for legs, etc…)

When furnishing smaller living rooms, we find special usefulness in the elements that are bright, racks that can be used at the same time for our book collections and audio and video devices, and movable pieces of furniture that can be used in other living spaces of our house when not needed.

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How to match the colours of furniture in the living room?

How to match the colours of furniture in the living room?

We most often match the colours of the furniture with the largest surfaces in the living room (flooring, wall colour, interior door colours, carpets, curtain colours, etc.).

Most often, the colours in the living room are matched to the style that we want to achieve in our living room with the furniture and the choice of colours.

White living room furniture is highly recommended and suitable because it can be nicely combined with all other colours. White goes well with all colours.

The prestige and luxurious look of the living room is obtained by combining white (or red) with gold, silver and copper or bronze.

Modern living rooms are most often decorated with more vibrant colours. However, experts recommend that we limit ourselves to the use of vivid red and vivid yellow, since such living room colour combinations have the effect of increasing appetite and aggression.

Gentle colour shades on walls are recommended for use in combination with bright and natural wood furniture. The darker wood patterns with prominent annual rings and timber structure are also wonderful to the homey style of the living room.

The decor of the living room is the one that, at the end of furnishing our living room, puts on the final seal.

It will be nice to have  a modern and luminous vase in our living room, we can put some  souvenirs on the living room rack, and we will achieve even more if we try to make our living room not overcrowded with furniture elements, because it is especially true when decorating the living room that sometimes less is significantly better than more.

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