How to choose a mattress? [Guide to choosing the right mattress]

How to choose a mattress that offers us quality sleep? Is a more expensive mattress really better than a cheaper one? There are several types of mattresses, what to choose in the flood of supply?

We have prepared a guide for you to help you choose a new mattress.

How to choose a mattress?

When is the time to change your mattress?

It is recommended to change the mattresses every 7 years. Why?

  • due to hygienic reasons
  • due to the changing needs of the human body for comfort at different stages of life.
  • due to the wear and tear of materials that no longer provide the necessary support and do not adapt to the body as they should.
  • because the mattress loses its flexibility and its positive properties after about seven years of daily use, you often wake up sleepless and with back pain.

What to look for when choosing a mattress

How to choose a mattress - consider what your needs are and what your sleeping habits are. We advise you to answer the following questions first:

  • In what position do you usually sleep?
  • Do you prefer a hard or soft bed?
  • Do your lower back and spine often hurt?
  • Do you find it difficult to get out of bed?
  • Do you have any allergies (dust, mite ()?
  • Do you sweat often during sleep?
  • Do you sleep alone or with a partner / child?
  • What is your age, weight?

How to choose a mattress? [Guide to easier mattress selection]

When choosing a mattress, we must pay attention to several factors:

The composition of the mattress core is important. Most experts recommend using a mattress with a pocket core. The springs in the core of such a mattress act completely independently of each other, which means a perfect point adjustment to the body. Because there are air chambers between the springs, such mattresses are also airy, which helps to wick away moisture and thus makes it harder for microorganisms to form in the mattress.

How to choose a mattress?

They are also extremely high quality and popular memory foam mattresses that fit the body perfectly and provide support.

It is definitely wise to choose a mattress that has a removable and washable cover, as regular maintenance can extend the life of the mattress and improve the quality of sleep. When choosing, we focus on manufacturers who choose quality and health-friendly materials.

The position in which you usually sleep

If you like to sleep on your stomach, we recommend a medium firm or soft mattress that offers firm support, while at the same time adapting well to your body with a layer of soft foam.

Those who sleep on their backs should prefer a stiffer mattress that maintains the correct position of the body during sleep.

For those who prefer to sleep on their side, we recommend a mattress with memory foam, as it perfectly adapts to the shape, position and weight of your body and prevents pressure and strain on the body.

If you combine several positions, we advise you to choose a medium firm or soft mattress that is friendly to convex body parts (shoulders, pelvis, knees ...). In doing so, take into account your wishes and choose softness according to the needs of the organism.

Low back and spine pain

Back pain has become an extremely common problem, so you will also help reduce pain by choosing the right mattress. Pain can significantly impair sleep on a poor bed, so it is important to pay attention to the properties of the mattress that are friendly to your spine when buying.

For people with such problems, we recommend orthopedic mattresses or mattresses with memory foam filling, as such mattresses perfectly adapt to the shape, position and weight of your body and prevent pressure and strain on the body.


The occurrence of various allergies has been very common in the last decade. Most modernly designed mattresses are equipped with antibacterial coatings that prevent the intrusion of small organisms harmful to health. For particularly sensitive individuals and allergy sufferers we definitely recommend more advanced beds with anti-allergic properties from our sales program.

How to choose a mattress for allergy sufferers?

The well-ventilated and breathable mattress is also ensured by the all-too-underestimated bed element: a flexible and high-quality slatted bottom, which ensures an uninterrupted air flow and thus ensures a cleaner sleeping environment.

Slatted bottom for beds

Sweating during sleep

If you sweat a lot during sleep, we recommend mattresses with an innovatively designed gel foam that allows for pleasant cooling. At the same time, they ensure that we are pleasantly cold in summer and warm in winter. We also recommend that you choose mattresses made of natural materials. Mattresses with a pocket core are also suitable, as such mattresses are airy, which helps to wick away moisture and thus complicates the formation of microorganisms in the mattress.

The addition of silver in the mattress also helps to regulate body temperature by maintaining and gradually emitting heat generated by the human body. It has an antibacterial effect and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

Bamboo fibers, which act as a natural deodorant, are also a very effective addition, as bamboo absorbs 4 times more moisture than cotton. As a result, the bamboo fiber bed is always fresh and relieves sweating problems during sleep. From our offer, we recommend an antibacterial mattress with bonnell suspension, which is an extremely useful mattress even for stronger people. 

Sleeping for two

When we sleep in pairs, it often happens that we feel the other person’s movements on the bed, which is disturbing. For sleeping for two, we recommend a mattress with a so-called multi-zone pocket suspension.

It is a system of individually sown springs that prevent the transmission of vibrations during night movement or getting out of bed, thus enabling uninterrupted sleep for both you and your partner.

We also recommend that you choose a bed that is framed and reinforced with a strong box structure that allows maximum use of the sleeping area and prevents the mattress from sinking along the edges.

Harder or softer mattress

In doing so - how to choose a mattress, it is very important to also consider your feeling - whether you prefer to sleep on a harder or softer bed. In our offer we have mattresses of various structures - they are marked with H, where H1 means the softest, all the way to H4, which indicates the hardest mattress.

If a stiffer mattress suits you, choose solid materials with an airy structure, as they give full support to the spine, breathe well and give you all the comfort you need while sleeping.

If you want a medium-hard bed with more softness, choose mattresses with memory foam that fit your body perfectly.

If you prefer a soft mattress, choose a mattress with a wide layer of memory foam.

Soft mattress

High or low mattress

Higher mattresses offer slightly greater comfort when sleeping, as they provide more support to your body.

Lower mattresses (up to 14cm) are suitable for children and adolescents.

Medium-high mattresses (up to 16cm) are suitable for virtually everyone, as they offer support and support to the spine.

High mattresses (from 18 cm and more) offer the most comfort, they are suitable for most people, even those with a stronger physique. Due to their height, they also make it the easiest to get out of bed, so they are also extremely suitable for older people.

High mattress

“Quality sleep is the basis for your life challenges that you face every day. Choose the right mattress and wake up rested.”

How to choose the right mattress

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